Facebook Feedback: Who could confuse us with London?

Glen Smith, the manager of the Ritz Ballroom (Photograph: Ross Parry)
Glen Smith, the manager of the Ritz Ballroom (Photograph: Ross Parry)

The Ritz ballroom in Brighouse is being forced to change its name after the world famous London hotel of the same name threatened it with legal action over similarities on its website.

Here’s what Echo readers have been saying about it on our Facebook page.

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Amanda JS, via Facebook-It’s been around for decades and nobody’s going to get them confused. Idiotic.

Mick Legget, via Facebook-There’s a cracker called Ritz, have they challenged that too?

Jean Ekins, via Facebook-It strikes me that so-called intelligent people have as much common sense as our cat and we haven’t one. It’s a pity they can’t find something else better to do.

Eileen Sutcliffe, via Facebook-That’s stupid, it’s been called that for as long as I remember. Apart from that we are so far from London it doesn’t make any difference.

Val Collins, via Facebook-It was called the Ritz in the 1940s as I was at school then, St Martin’s. My friend’s father owned the Savoy, the other cinema.

Dryden Cooper, via Facebook-A bit late in the day to be getting shirty about the name of a venue. Ritz was the someone’s surname anyway. Hasn’t it been called Ritz for years already?

Gary Woolton, via Facebook-Taken them a while hasn’t it? Are little round biscuits that you put cheese on in danger as well?

Dieter Nowak, via Facebook-Just because a budget London hotel decides it has the rights to a name the world famous Brighouse Ritz has this threat hanging over its head.

Let’s change the name to The Brighouse Trump Ballroom and see if anyone takes offence at that.

Tim Woodhead, via Facebook-I can understand how I may be confused and book a room at the Brighouse Ritz by accident, as opposed to the London hotel. They must have lost a lot of business that way over the years.

Jon West, via Facebook-After an intoxicating night out, finding myself in what I thought was The Ritz in London, expecting to be pampered in one of the finest hotels in the world, imagine my shock to find that I was in fact in Brighouse sleeping rough on the floor of a toilet cubicle in entertainment venue. I have since filed a formal civil law suit against the business citing the trade descriptions act, and filed a formal grievance against the Mayor of Brighouse for his town’s impersonation of a major capital city.

Eric Bassinder-I have had many happy times when it was a picture house, on Saturday nights.