Degree will be partly down to you!


As one who has had much occasion to complain about the services provided by Calderdale Council over the last few years, both directly and in the letters pages of various local newspapers, I am pleased that for once I can (and indeed should) sing its praises when they are due.

I am at the end of an MSc course in Advanced Engineering Management as a mature student and writing my final dissertation. 
I have needed somewhere quiet to do this and turned to Calderdale’s website last week to see what facilities are available. There was nothing obvious on offer at Central Library, but I went there to enquire just in case, and was delighted to find that there are a small number of private study rooms in the reference department. 
Not only this, but they are complete with a power point and desk, plus a guarantee of silence. 
All that is necessary is to give proof of identification and one of the rooms can be made available at no charge for a minimum of 2 hours – longer if there isn’t a queue of people using to need them.
The staff were very friendly and helpful, and on the 3 occasions that I have used this facility so far, I have been very impressed with the whole set up. So well done indeed Calderdale. 
Perhaps you should publicise this excellent facility more widely.
If I gain my MSc, you will have played a major part in getting me there!

David A Austin

Grove Cottages