Yorkshire has lowest number of senior citizens on social media


Senior citizens in Yorkshire and the Humber are the least active on social media in the whole of England, recent survey findings suggest.

Sitting bottom of the results, just below the East of England, only five per cent of all over-65’s surveyed use social media for a total of four hours or more per week, with 68 per cent stating that they do not use social media at all.

The results somewhat put paid to the theory that ‘silver surfers’ are becoming more common in England, with this perhaps being limited to just a handful of regions across the country.

Antony Eden, Head of Marketing at Chums, said: “We know that a lot of our customers use the internet to shop on our website, but we wanted to find out how active they were on social media”

“We are always seeing stories about the rise of the silver surfer, however these results suggest that it might not apply to all regions in England.

“Whilst many of our customers are purchasing through our site, many of them are not actively using social media regularly – or at all”

“We found an obvious disparity between different regions of England, potentially caused by changing attitudes amongst the older population as well as the availability of internet connections in the home”.

The low social media activity for Yorkshire does not extend to the rest of the North of England, with the North West actually having the most active senior citizens in the country with a quarter of respondents being socially active for 4 hours or more.