Writer’s poem given the gold

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A YOUNG writer has come out top in a competition organised by Rotary International and is now in with a chance of win ning a trip to America.

Matthew Fair, from St John’s Primary Academy, Clifton, was selected to represent the Brighouse Rotary club in the Yorkshire heat for its Junior writing competition.

All the written pieces had to based around the topic ‘Olympic Spirit’.

The nine-year-old’s poem impressed the judges of Brighouse Rotary President Jenny Redfearn, Marian Eastwood and Brighouse Echo Editor Stephen Firth.

Mrs Eastwood said: “I thought the subject was very difficult and abstract but Matthew’s poem stood out from the rest. We decided just to run the junior section this year but we hope to enter all three age categories, which goes up to 18-year-olds, for next year.”

Matthew was presented with a certificate, which all the entrants will receive, and a prize from Rotary at the Clifton school’s Star of the Week assembly.

All the schools that entered will be given a gift voucher to buy books for their school.

Key stage two classes from schools throughout Brighouse were invited to enter the event.

Over 100 entries were received by the Brighouse Rotary club.

Matthew’s poem will now go into the Yorkshire competition to be held in York on February 28th.

If he is successful there, his poem will go into the final national round where the winner will win a trip to the USA.

The RIBI Young Writer’s competition has been granted the prestigious Inspire mark by the London 2012 Inspire programme with the aim of ensuring the legacy of the games and involving communities.