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Complaints about the length of the grass at Brighouse Cemetery
Complaints about the length of the grass at Brighouse Cemetery

CALDERDALE Council is working to ensure Brighouse Cemerty is returned to its usual high standard of maintenance following complaints from residents.

Linda Kellet who lives in Rastrick said the cemetery in Lightcliffe Road was split into two sections the front half that looked lovely and the back which was disgusting.

“The grass is covering some of the graves and some of them you can only just see the headstones. Fortunately my family looks after ours. But I am appalled by the state of it and it has been like this for months.

“We all pay a lot of money for our gravestones and I just find it appalling that Calderdale Council leaves it so long to cut the grass.

“I know a team of volunteers did spend a weekend helping to clear it up but I think it is Calderdale Council’s right to do it especially when we all pay our council tax.

“I often like to have a walk around the cemetery and I just feel so disgusted that they leave it looking like this for so long.

“A few weeks ago a man drove over three head stones. It must have cost them thousands of pounds to buy them and on one you can see car wheels where it has gone over it.

“It is just little things like that that build up. It looks rough and horrible and like nobody cares anymore.”

A police spokesman said they did attend after being contacted about the incident where a car had crashed into three grave stones. They interviewed the male driver but it was resolved that it was an unfortunate accident.

A council spokesperson said: “Ensuring that our cemeteries are properly maintained is important to us. A combination of circumstances has led to the cemetery not being maintained to its usual standard.

“An unusually high number of families choosing to have their loved ones buried means that cemetery staff have been unable to devote as much time as usual to cutting grass and maintenance. This coupled with the growing season, means that the grass is longer than we would like.”