Why the internet can be good for teenagers

Eighty nine percent of adults aged between 18 and 19 use social media.

I feel that statistics show that it’s not just stereotypical teenagers who spend their time online and that a large majority of young adults use social media.
More than half of children over the age of 10 use social media. I feel that most middle-aged or elderly people would think that that is a bad thing and I can understand why to a certain extent because a small amount of teens and young adults do use the internet for bad reasons. 
But I think that if you use it right, then it is great, a helpful and useful source of support, advise and information for anyone who needs it. 
For example YouTube offers a wide range of help and information, it also includes videos which can enlighten you, make you laugh or just help you to catch up on the latest trends and fashion .

Imogen Bond

Green Royd Avenue, Skircoat Green