Weight loss is all wrapped up

CLAIRE Revis gave herself until she was 40 to lose the excess weight she had piled on after stopping smoking.

Not content with healthy eating and lots of walking Claire decided to try something extra to give her the kick start she needed.

She'd heard about the Universal Contour Wrap during one of her regular visits to The Serenity Beauty Clinic on Waterloo Road in Brighouse, and decided to give it a go.

"I had a course of three wraps and at the end I'd lost 23 inches," says Claire, the landlady at the Red Rooster pub at Brookfoot.

"I do find it quite easy to diet, because I don't drink, but I'm so busy working that I never seem to get chance to go the gym. In fact I did actually join a gym but haven't even been yet, I've got such a hectic life.

"I'd really recommend the wraps because you get instant results," adds Claire. "When you diet you can sometimes lose weight but not inches and you can be struggling away for ages before you see any results."

Claire, who took part in the Three Peaks Walk at the weekend to raise money for Overgate Hospice and the RSPCA, has an added incentive to drop the three and a half stone she gained four years ago - she gets married in February to partner Eddie Geater.

"I'd already decided to lose the weight before we even talked about getting married," she says. "I'd always said if I didn't lose it before I reached forty, I never would. Now I've gone out and bought a size 10 wedding dress, which is the size I used to be, and I'm determined to get into it."

Through dieting and lots of walking Claire has already lost a stone and a half, but recommends the wraps as an incentive to keep going.

The Universal Contour Wrap is a natural therapy, developed in America by Dr Richard Strem, based on extensive research into the beneficial minerals used in traditional spa remedies from many parts of the world. The treatment claims to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, detoxifying the body and tightening loose tissue, guaranteeing exceptional and lasting inch loss. It also claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Karen Ford, who opened Serenity four and a half years ago, said she had been looking to introduce a wrap system at the clinic for some time, before she came across the Universal Contour Wrap.

"I'd always been a bit sceptical about wrap systems because some of them claim to provide inch loss, but as soon as you drink any water it all goes back on," she explains.

"When we came across Universal Contour Wrap, we liked the sound of it, because you have to drink water otherwise the detoxifying process would make you feel quite poorly."

Karen, who used to teach at the White Rose School of Beauty in Huddersfield and another beauty school in Leeds, says the treatment involves being wrapped in elasticated cotton bandages which are soaked in a mineral-rich sea clay solution.

Special wrapping techniques lift and shape the body while also flattening bulges. The sea clay solution cleanses and purges the body of toxins that are stored between the fat cells, tightening and revitalising the body's elastin.

While some clients can lose a complete dress size over a course of three treatments, it does not just benefit people who are overweight. It claims to be able to help anyone who wants to tone up their figure and improve their shape. The wrapping process supports and shapes the body, while the contouring effect is enhanced by special techniques targeting areas such as thighs, buttocks, tummy and breasts.

Once the bandages are in place, clients are given a vinyl tracksuit to wear while they relax and read a book or enjoy another treatment.

Karen says the treatment is ideal for pre-wedding day celebrations and Christmas when people want to look their best.

"Just before my wedding I had three wraps and lost 24 inches from all over," says Karen.

"It's a fantastic treatment. We live in such a busy, fast world which is full of pollution, that no matter how good you're trying to be you will always be taking in car fumes and cigarette smoke. The sea clay has the ability to withdraw these toxins from within the body's cells, causing them to shrink and create inch loss."

Senior beauty therapist Jody Camplin said the wraps are ideal for busy professional people.

"A lot of people are far too busy to go and have a workout in the gym, yet they can come here for a wrap and know they will lose inches," she explains.

"More and more people are looking for alternatives to the gym. Some people don't feel comfortable in the gym and others can't afford the expenditure."

Serenity is now an accredited training centre for the Universal Contour Body Wrap, training therapists from Manchester right up to Edinburgh. The Clinic won the accreditation last December, after fighting off competition from clinics in Leeds and Harrogate.

Karen and Jody attended the UCW's training school in Manchester in January for a four week course. Serenity's training school was opened in March with six students receiving training every month.

Serenity is also launching its new Total Face and Body System machine on Wednesday August 31. Customers old and new are welcome to attend the launch where a demonstration will be held and refreshments will be available.

The multi-functional treatment system offers computer controlled face and body lifting, profiling and skin enhancing, lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatments, massaging, tightening and firming.

For more information contact Serenity on Brighouse 01484 711122.