Wedding photos led to 7st weight loss

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Weight Watchers member Sarah Uttley of Lightcliffe has her sights set on reaching goal with Weight Watchers after saying goodbye to over seven stones and hello to a newfound lease for life which saw her complete the London Marathon this year.

Christ Church, Hipperholme meeting member Sarah explained her rollercoaster weight loss struggles over the years had a number of highs and lows including a photograph which captured what should have been a precious moment of her acting as bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding in May 2011.

“At the time of the wedding, I’d never really thought about my weight,” said Sarah, 33 of West Avenue.

“I had always been big, ever since I was about 11, and exercise wasn’t a word that ever really entered my head. I just didn’t think about it.

“So, when I went to get my dress for my sister’s big day, it didn’t bother me what size it was or even how I looked.

“In fact, when the day of the wedding finally came, I felt really nice. The wedding itself was beautiful and we all had a lovely time, but that feeling of happiness was all about to change when the photos began to appear on social media the next day.

“Instantly I went from being happy about the way I looked to hating everything about me: my dress, my hair, everything. I felt awful.”

Spurred on from this picture, Sarah visited her GP and was prescribed a weight-loss tablet which - along with the introduction of activity - saw her shed the pounds.

However, following her honeymoon in 2012, her weight began to fluctuate after taking the decision to stop the medication and go it alone, and she was further challenged following the sudden death of her mother following a period of illness in August, 2016.

Sarah added: “My whole world had shifted, and I piled the weight back on, stone after stone until I was almost back at where I started.”

Quitting her job in 2016 due to her self-confidence being at an all-time low Sarah recalls how a discussion with a family friend at the hairdressers led through the doors of her local Weight Watcher meeting.

“She told me that the coach there, Paula Joyce, was fabulous, motivating and inspirational. She also had a voucher I could use. I did - and the rest is history! I haven’t looked back.”