'We need to express our dissatisfaction at pot holes'

Birds Royd Lane is notorious for pot holes
Birds Royd Lane is notorious for pot holes

Back in March Chris Grayling, the transport minister, stated an increase in the amount of funds the council had to repair potholes.

Potholes have become considerably more frequent within Calderdale due to the recent cold snap, long-term underinvestment and ineffective council funding methods were cited as key contributions to the declining surface standards.

The Government has said it is investing £6 billion in improving local roads, but the AIA claims that inconsistencies in allocated budgets make it difficult for local authorities to initiate long-term fixes.

“All of the average totals hide a wide disparity that exists between those seeing increased funding and others who have seen their budgets cut and funds diverted to other areas of council expenditure, notably education and social care,” a government report said.

Bad road surfaces and potholes can accelerate wear on car suspension components or even cause direct damage.

UK authorities paid out £7.3m in compensation to affected motorists in 2017, a rise of more than £500,000 on the year before.

We as a community need to express our dissatisfaction and make the council aware that Rastrick and Brighouse needs this funding to repair our roads especially Birds Royd Lane, Slade Lane, and other roads in Rastrick that are too many to mention. which are all in need of attention. Something I am very committed to achieving.