Warning over digital switch con-tricks

digital switchover
digital switchover

POLICE have issued a warning to residents to check the facts about the digital switchover before parting with any cash.

West Yorkshire Police fear that conmen could use the switchover due to take place in two stages throughout September as a chance to scam people into buying a ‘digital aerial’ or having alterations done to their TV sets.

The Digital Switchover team say that no one from Digital UK or the Help Scheme will come to the house unless it has been arranged by appointment.

Chris Joyce, West Yorkshire Police Force’s crime reduction officer, said they know that some people are prepared to completely mislead people in letting them in to their homes and use confusion tactics to sell a product or service.

“In relation to the Digital Switchover process the advice is simple: you don’t need a new television, there is no such thing as a ‘digital aerial’ and if your aerial is in good condition then you won’t need a new one.

“Nobody from Digital UK or the Switchover Help Scheme will come to your house unless you’ve arranged an appointment with them yourself.

“Generally speaking, most callers at your door may be genuine, however, it is imperative that you always check their identity before giving them any personal details, allowing them in to your home or purchasing any goods or services from them.

“If you have any doubt whatsoever turn them away and contact the police immediately on 0845 6060606 and report any suspicious activity.”

John Askew, Digital UK’s regional manager in Yorkshire and Humber, said people need to be wary of rogue traders.

“We’re determined to do all we can to protect consumers across Brighouse in the lead up to switchover. There are always people who use clever and persuasive tactics to try to make a fast buck on the back of something new like this and we want people to be aware.”

Analogue signals will be switched off in two stages by organisers Digital UK at each transmitter group with the Emley Moor mast scheduled for September 7 when the analogue signal for BBC2 will go and then the rest of the analogue channels - BBC1, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 will follow on September 21.

For help and advice about the digital switchover contact Digital UK on 08456 505050 or visit www.digitaluk.co.uk