Waltzing across the country for a worthy cause

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A DANCING fanatic is waltzing his way across the country and is wanting people from Brighouse to come and join him.

Ben Hammond will be coming through Brighouse on September 13 during his Dance Britain For Burma event in his attempt to become the first person to dance from John o’Groats to Land’s End in 50 days.

He hopes to raise money for for the charity he established Learn Burma. “I’m an ordinary 34-year-old teacher setting out to do something a bit extraordinary this summer and autumn.

“The problem is, although I love dancing, I can’t really do it. I dance like a dad-at-a-wedding, so I’m looking for dancing heroes from Brighouse to dance part of the way with me. Maybe you can dance the perfect highland fling, have danced folk for 50 years, or are a swing dance superstar. However you dance I’d love to dance a bit of Britain with you, anything from a few metres to a mile or more.”

Ben will dance on average a marathon a day attempting to get Britain dancing for Burma. He will be spending weekdays working with thousands of school students and will be joined on Super Saturdays by members of the public to dance a full marathon into key locations along the route.

The lecturer in education at the Institute of Education in south-east London, hopes to raise over £200,000 for the charity which he created after spending a year teaching in a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border.

Learn Burma works to open the eyes of thousands of young people to Burma through awareness-raising campaigns teacher training and international school linking. Along with Learn Burma funds will also be raised for four other Burma related causes - Amnesty International, Burma Campaign UK, Partner’s Relief and Development, and Prospect Burma.

The first year of Learn Burma’s awareness-raising activities Free to Dance saw the world’s longest dance by an individual - five hours and 15 hours - and saw 50 schools directly involved, 10,000 students active in a making a difference to Burma, 5,000 people taking part in a world record event, £50,000 raised and Ben becoming the first person to dance the London Marathon and through the Glastonbury Festival.

To find out more visit www.dancebritain.com/heroeswanted