‘Victimised’ over ad displays

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A BRIGHOUSE businessman has hit out at Calderdale Council for its ‘inconsistent’ approach towards advertising and fly-posting.

Gary Heginbottom, managing director of Artisan Fireplaces Ltd at Phoenix Mill, said he had been instructed by the council to remove four flags promoting his business outside his premises whereas other businesses seemed to ‘get away with’ fly-posting on lamp posts, trees and other places around the town centre.

He said: “It’s not just sour grapes. I pay £28,000 a year in business rates to the council and spend thousands of pounds a year to legitimitately and properly advertise my business.

“I feel I’m being victimised while other businesses seem to be able to do what they like.

“I am just trying to conduct my business and bring in money to Calderdale. I feel if this carries on I will have no alternative but to move back into Kirklees where the local authority is much easier to deal with.”

Mr Heginbottom pointed out that his premises looked over Sainsbury’s car park where colourful and garish banners were hung on the perimeter fence.

“I understand that they have planning permission for them but in my opinion they’re an eyesore.

“The supermarkets seem to be able to advertise what they like whereas I’m told off for displaying four tasteful flags.

“Every day on my way to work I drive past posters stuck up all over the place. Why doesn’t the council do something about that? All I’m asking for is a level playing field for everyone.”

A spokeswoman for Calderdale Council said Mr Heginbottom was aware that, under the terms of his agreement for using three of the parking spaces outside the entrance to his premises, he was prohibited from putting up advertising material.

“Sainsburys and Tesco have planning consent for their large hoardings,” she said. “Flyposting is an illegal activity and we will take posters down and take action against those responsible.”