Urgent call for meeting

Coun Colin Stout and Maureen Hamilton at WG Community Centre
Coun Colin Stout and Maureen Hamilton at WG Community Centre

AN important meeting has had to be rescheduled due to a lack of members.

The annual general meeting at Waring Green Community Centre had to be cancelled because there were four members short. A new date has been set for Monday, July 16, at 7.15pm in room 1/1A at the centre.

There is huge importance on the meeting because Waring Green Community Association planned a vote to take over the running of the centre from Calderdale Council.

The Association needed to have 25 members to allow the meeting to proceed but there was only 21 members with voting rights who attended.

Honorary president of the association, Councillor Colin Stout, said the centre was in a fantastic position financially. “We have various classes at the centre from tap dancing to sequence dancing, and luncheon clubs to children’s activities.

“It is a really busy building. Financially the Association is in the strongest position since 2004, the asbestos removal period. What we could do with though is some younger volunteers who are willing to give up a few spare hours to help and maybe join the management committee. We need a good group of people who are willing to drive the centre forward to get involved.”

The Association wants to do an estate transfer with Calderdale Council so that they would have sole responsibility for the general running of the centre, meaning they would not have to pay £17,000 in rent charges.

“There is no way we can raise the money for the rent after our grant is cut from Calderdale Council in the next financial year. The money we have got we need for emergencies,” he said.

“We want Waring Green to be the centre of the community not just in Waring Green but surrounding areas such as Hove Edge and Lightcliffe.

“People can come and have wedding parties there and dances and whatever they want to do.

“There is a beautiful kitchen and people need to come down and have a look around. The building can lend itself to any sort of function.

“We just need to make sure we have a management structure in place in 12 months time to run it as a social enterprise.

“There is certainly no plans to close the centre. It is important though that people attend the next meeting.”