Two in river plunge drama

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TWO people were plucked from a river embankment only feet away from the freezing, swirling water.

They appear to have tumbled down the steep gradient, only managing to stop themselves plunging headlong into the River Calder by clinging to trees.

Emergency services were called to Cliffe Road just above Gooder Lane, Brighouse, at 10pm last Friday after reports of two people struggling to reach safety at the side of the river. It was thought at first that one of them had fallen into the water.

Brighouse fire crews had to climb down the embankment to reach the woman who was closest to the water.

Using a line rescue technique they managed to bring her to safety before they rescued the man who was trapped a little higher up the heavily wooded area.

Once the pair had been brought to safety they were treated by paramedics at the scene.

The incident happened close to the Cliffe Hall Club in Cliffe Road.

Drivers from Top Link Taxis said they saw fire crews, police and ambulance at the scene but were unaware of the drama unfolding close by.

A fire service spokseman said the pair had had a lucky escape. “Brighouse crews are experts in this type of rescue operation,” he said.

It is still unknown if the man and the woman were together or if the man had seen the woman fall and gone to her aid before he had got into difficulties himself.

Police investigating the incident say there are no suspicious circumstances.