Trust receives funding

Sheena Doherty (left) and Pam Thrones (right)
Sheena Doherty (left) and Pam Thrones (right)

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust has received £2,500 from Sheena Doherty at Sovereign Wealth Private Clients to help fund their distraction therapy project.

Sheena’s company was granted the funds from St James’s Place Foundation, where Sheena is a representative of St James’s Place Wealth Management, part of the umbrella group of her company.

The distraction therapy project seeks to provide resources for distraction which will reduce the stress and anxiety of young cancer patients, who are already going through a challenging time.

During some of their treatments, such as radiotherapy, patients are required to lie still to allow the therapy to work.

Research has revealed that distraction therapy helps minimise stress while patients are undergoing treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

It involves the use of a multimedia player teamed with specialist equipment which will allow patients to watch a film or listen to music to focus attention away from the painful sensations of treatment.

Pam Thornes, trust manager, said: “To offer this opportunity to young people and improve their experience of radiotherapy is a huge step forward for the charity.”

Sheena Doherty said: “We are proud to support such a fantastic, innovative project that will make a big difference to the lives of these young cancer patients.”

The Trust was set up following the death of 17-year-old Laura, a former Brighouse High School student, from cancer in May 1996.