Tree root blamed for train damage

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DAMAGE was caused to one of Grand Central’s trains after it struck a tree root.

Passengers from Brighouse were on board the train which left King Cross at 7.48pm on March 10. It is thought the tree was partially obstructing the running line near to Knottingley South junction.

Stuart Black of Clifton was one of the passengers on board the train taking advantage of the company’s special offer to travel to London and back for £25. “We just came to a halt and a voice came over the tannoy system that a tree had blown down and part of the branches overhanging had damaged the train,” he said. “We didn’t feel anything but we stopped for about ten minutes then went on. We arrived back at Brighouse at the time we were supposed too so they made up the time.”

A spokesman for Grand Central said: “On March 10 Grand Central’s 19:48 King’s Cross to Bradford Interchange service struck a tree root that was partially obstructing the running line near Knottingley South Junction.

“Some damage was done to the outside of the train, including to the external digital information board. No damage was caused to the interior of the train and neither passengers nor staff were affected by the incident. The train continued to Bradford Interchange without further incident where it arrived on-time. Grand Central believes the tree may have been dislodged due to high winds in the area on that day. We have taken this issue up with Network Rail who manage the infrastructure along the route.”