Stamping out the speed problem in various spots

Speed checks with Council in Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe. Pat Oates, Mags Bryson, Amy Fuller, Ray Jackson, Ann Rutherford and Mary Price.
Speed checks with Council in Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe. Pat Oates, Mags Bryson, Amy Fuller, Ray Jackson, Ann Rutherford and Mary Price.

A number of speed checks have been carried out throughout the Brighouse area.

Over the past month, checks have been done in Hipperholme and Lightcliffe, Rastrick and Brighouse in a bid to raise awareness about speeding at locations where concerns have been raised by local residents to take enforcement action and looked at what other action can be taken.

Community wardens used the Speed Indication Device (SID) in the designated areas and officers from the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team measured the speed of vehicles using the pro-laser radar gun. They monitored the number of vehicles meeting the speed limit and recorded the speed of vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

They visited Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe, Denholmegate Road, and Brighouse Road, Hipperholme; Clifton Common, Clifton, and Halifax Road, Brighouse; and Thornhill Road/Castle Avenue, Clough Lane, and Huddersfield Road at Rastrick.

Mags Bryson, neighbourhood co-ordinator for Calderdale Council, said it had highlighted a number of issues particularly in Castle Avenue where they were joined by students from Rastrick High School.

“There is a lot of traffic coming down into Rastrick and turning left up Castle Avenue. People are just driving up on to the pavements. It is disgraceful,” she said. “The volume of traffic and the bus as well getting past. Students did raise their concerns with us about trying to cross at Thornhill Road to go to school.

“Their concerns have been raised before to the council but it is not a suitable location for an island because of the nature of the road.

“It is an extremely busy road. I was there from 7.30am and I monitored about 250 cars in half an hour coming and going. There was a couple of buses and lorries and bikes that I didn’t count. We started doing the checks from 8.15am when the young people arrived.”

Checks were done on both sides of Thornhill Road. “It is a very dangerous situation,” she said. “There was cars parked on both sides of the road. I cannot believe people do it so you can’t see from the left if anything is coming.

“We are not putting all the data and observations gathered together and we will be looking at our next steps.”

She was joined by Pat Oates and Ann Rutherford from Brighouse Road Safety Committee. Pat said: “It even be too dangerous for crossing patrols. The bus stop also blocks the road.

“Cars are not slowing down so it is a problem. I don’t think we have been anywhere where it has been that bad.”

The registration numbers of two vehicles in Wakefield Road were passed on to the police for exceeding the speed limit. Letters will be sent to the owners.

The data will be put together with other monitoring information to consider any further action in January next year.