Rail campaigners call for improvement

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A group of Labour activists took their campaign to improve rail services across the Calder Valley to Brighouse.

Campaigners handed out leaflets and urged residents to sign petitions calling for improvements to Brighouse station and upgrades to the Calder Valley line.

Josh Fenton-Glynn, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley, said: “Brighouse is the second biggest town in Calderdale and it doesn’t have a rail system that reflects that.

“I want a better service to take people to their jobs if they commute to Leeds, Bradford or Manchester and I want more people to come to Brighouse because it’s better for our businesses.

“As I commute from Brighouse to Leeds each morning I can say from personal experience that the service can be so much better, a view overwhelmingly shared by my fellow passengers.

“We want to see trains through to Manchester on Sundays. a more reliable service and an end to the unclean, overcrowded and unsafe Pacer trains.”

Mr Fenton-Glynn hopes people will join him in his campaign to improve rail services.