Meeting to discuss speeding dangers

Further speed checks are needed along Towngate, Clifton.

Speeding statistics produced by Calderdale Council’s speed indication device shows that motorists are travelling at an average speed of 28mph in the direction of Deep Lane and in the opposite direction of 27mph.

The results were taken on March 18 between 4pm and 6pm just yards away from St John’s Primary Academy opposite Robin Hood Way.

The road is a 30mph zone but the 85th percentile which is the standard measure used by the Highway Authority and the Police in connection with assessment of speeds along a road shows that further SiD deployment is required.

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said: “These results show that motorists are consistently breaking the speed limits along Towngate endangering the lives of children on their way to and from the village school. Parents and local residents will be very concerned by these results.”

A meeting has now been organised with residents on Friday, April 26, so they can voice their concerns about Towngate and Highmoor Lane which was also identified as a problem area for speeding.

The meeting will take place at the Community Centre on Highmoor Crescent, Clifton, at 7.15pm.

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss what practical measures they can take to address speeding.