Fury as gritter crashes into parked car

An angry resident has been left counting the cost after her parked car was crashed into by a gritter and was written off.

Vicky Budge, of Woodhouse Lane, Brighouse, says she has been left frustrated by Calderdale Council and their contractors, neither of whom have claimed responsibility.

“No one is wanting to accept liability,” said Vicky. “I was waiting to find out who would be liable to pay for the damage before I took it into the garage.

“I found out I was driving a dangerous car for two months.”

She contacted the Council and was told they could not accept responsibility as it wasn’t one of their gritters.

“I argued that even if the gritter involved wasn’t one of the Council’s, surely they are still liable for the actions of there contract workers. They told me Amey Infrastructure service my street and they said the contractor had not reported any damage but a gritter with a snow plough is going to come off rather better than a Skoda.”

After being told the issue was being left there she was advised by her insurance company to pursue Amey but after numerous calls they said it wasn’t one of their gritters.

“It’s like the Council and contractors are trying to protect each other,” said Vicky.

A Calderdale Council spokesperson said:“Calderdale Council takes all complaints very seriously and is aware of this complaint and is dealing with it in line with its complaints process.

“The Council’s agreement with its gritting contractors states that where there is clear evidence that a contractor has been involved in an incident and there are definite grounds for a claim, the contractor is liable for any resulting insurance payments.”