End our road hell!

Carl Bateman in front of his smashed up garden, after a car lost control and crashed through his wall on Halifax Road, Brighouse
Carl Bateman in front of his smashed up garden, after a car lost control and crashed through his wall on Halifax Road, Brighouse
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CONCERNED residents say they are risking their lives trying to cross Halifax Road, Brighouse.

Now they have set up a petition in a bid to get a series of road safety measures including speed cameras, flashing 30mph signs and a pedestrian island in a bid to slow down motorists outside their homes.

The campaign was heightened after further destruction was caused to four properties when two taxis crashed into the front walls in two separate incidents.

The two accidents are the latest in a catalogue of collisions along the road in the last few years.

The public hire vehicles were travelling along the road in the early hours of the morning but because they are non-injury accidents no further action will be taken by police. The drivers of the taxis have since had their licences suspended by Calderdale Council pending further inquiries. Elfriee Broaeley woke up to find her front wall demolished. The 93-year-old said: “It was such a shock. I think if I had seen it that night I wouldn’t have slept any more.

“I only cross the road to get the bus and I have to take my life in my own hands getting across.”

Neighbour Rachel Clifford heard the accident. “I asked if they needed an ambulance because I thought someone was going to be dead because it looked so bad but they said they were fine.”

Carl Bateman was only inches away from the destruction when his garden wall was knocked down. “It gets to a certain time of night and traffic is just bombing past. If the accident had happened during the day someone would have been killed.”

Linda Bateman added: “I am worried about living here. All I can think is my grandson could have been out there playing. I don’t feel safe leaving him to play there now.”

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said they were asking Calderdale Council as a matter of urgency to undertake the promised road safety measures.

“A few weeks ago a woman was coming out of Granny Hall Lane and another motorist, coming down at speed, hit the back of her car and spun her vehicle round. But again it was a non-injury accident so it doesn’t count.

“The police have attended the accidents but no further action is required. I want some kind of mechanism putting in place so that councillors are informed about the non-injury accidents in hotspot areas such as Halifax Road.

“At the end of the day though, this road is notorious for speed related accidents and it is obviously in need of some road safety measures for pedestrians.”

Councillor Stout has received information from West Yorkshire Police about 14 injury accidents from 2007 to 2011 along Halifax Road, excluding fatalities and non-injury accidents.

All three ward councillors are in support of the road safety measures.

Coun Ann Martin (Lab) said they will work together as a group. “A very dear friend of mine, George Richardson, was nearly killed on this stretch. It has always been a concern and I shall be making representations to my cabinet colleagues to see what can be done,” she said. “It is not just the damage that they have caused but the distress and expense.”

Councillor Scott Benton (Con) said: “It is time Calderdale sat up and acknowledged residents concerns. There has been accidents time and time and time again and something needs to be done sooner rather than later. Calderdale is dragging their feet and it is putting people’s lives at risk and it is as serious as that.”

The petition, available at the One Stop Shop and Hove Edge News, will be presented to Calderdale Council on July 4.