Concerns raised over non-injury accidents . . .

A road safety watchdog is concerned that non-injury accidents are not recorded.

There has been a series of non-injury accidents along Halifax Road, Brighouse, but the details are not being recorded and therefore don’t get included in road safety data.

Members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee feel this could give the wrong impression about the situation along the main road.

Chair Ann Rutherford said it is wrong that non-injury accidents are not recorded. “Especially with the amount of damage they can do when they keep hitting these walls. If these accidents are not being recorded they are not getting into the equation.”

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said they should be recorded in some shape or form. “We are getting them regularly. Police have asked residents to keep a log of non-injury accidents to pass back to the accident unit. We have enough evidence and enough incidents to warrant some special investigations at this site. They won’t let us get a flashing sign and a speed camera.

“I have asked for the speed indication device to go to Halifax Road, Bradford Road and to Laverock Lane because people are now using this road as a shortcut.”

Councillor Graham Hall (Con, Hipp/Light) said: “It is better to try and prevent accidents rather than reacting to the accidents just so the figures qualify for action. That is what the council should be doing to see what is happening to try and prevent it.”

Resident Ernest Needham added that one of the recent accidents was only yards from where children stand to wait for the bus home.