Children’s plea to improve road safety measures

Lent reflections
Lent reflections

A group of youngsters have made an emotional plea to improve road safety on Clifton Common.

Annabelle Wright and her friends have contacted Councillor Scott Benton and head teacher Helen Lever asking for a lollipop person to help them cross the road from Thornhills Lane.

“It is really hard in a morning because of the traffic and you are sat there ages. So we were thinking about a lollipop lady for the young people that cross the road,” she told members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee.

“There is a lot of children in the area that can walk to St John’s Primary Academy and they have to cross the road there.”

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said they were campaigning for road safety improvements in the village. “We have a number of concerns in Highmoor Lane and Towngate and we have more than 500 people that have signed a petition. We have had a fantastic reception from the local community. Hopefully this will have some sort of impact.”

Chair of the group Ann Rutherford said parents had to realise that they were making it dangerous for the children by parking too close to the school. “They use it like a McDonalds drive through,” she said.