Another crash, but no action

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ANOTHER crash along one of Brighouse’s notorious accident hotspots but campaigning residents have been told it’s not a priority.

Calderdale Council has issued a report to justify their actions along Halifax Road, which has been plagued with accidents including one that happened just after 7.45am on Sunday when a red Renault Magane collided with a garden wall.

The wall belongs to resident Paul Kenny who spoke about his concerns earlier this month. “The accident wasn’t as bad this time. It has knocked the fence out but in the grand scheme of things it is nothing. This lad really has done us a favour because this proves that the accidents are nothing to do with speed because there was temporary lights near to Granny Hall Lane. This driver set off from there after stopping for the red light and travelled only yards up the road before losing control.”

Mr Kenny believes the condition of the road is not helped by excess water that gathers close to the wall. “I am totally fed up with it all. It has not caused massive damage compared to what has happened in the past. But we are still managing to have a crash in the rain with no speed involved. I am not bothered about my fence because I can get that fixed but my children live along this road.”

Two roads have been found to be dangerous according to how the council works out its statistics from 2007 to 2011. These are Wakefield Road in Bailiff Bridge from Smith House Road to Birkhouse Road, and Huddersfield Road between Tesco and Sainsburys.

The accident rate for Halifax Road is nearly 20 per cent under the concern line.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said: “Instead of basing everything on figures we should use a bit of common sense and look at the fears and graphics of an area.

“I will be asking for a further explanation for the figures along Huddersfield Road, I am not aware of any serious accidents around that area.

“Someone needs to use a bit of common sense and make an executive decision. I presented the petition with a few hundred names on to the Mayor of Calderdale, Coun John Hardy, last Wednesday night at full council. They should be looking at the accident figures but also the views of people in the area that have been affected by constant speeding and constant damage done to their properties.

“It just doesn’t seem enough to say the community is screaming out for action to be taken and the only safety measures we have is a flashing sign at Hove Edge. I have asked for a meeting between residents who have been affected and top council officers to discuss the issues.

“I will keep on pursuing it and with the support of the other two ward councillors we will see some results and a solution to at least some of the problems.”