Transline’s task for hospice

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Managers at international recruitment consultancy Transline Group were faced with an Apprentice style challenge that resulted in a substantial donation to Overgate Hospice.

The Brighouse-based business offered Thomas Vaughan, Rose Heritage and Michael Lancaster a starter fund and tasked them to raise as much money for the hospice as possible from the initial amount given.

With the limited starter fund, each manager was tasked with obtaining as many raffle prizes as possible, and went to work individually, tapping up their own contacts and pleading their cases. Their determination and resourceful approach proved a success, with sales of the raffle tickets generating £2,000.00 to be donated to their chosen charity – Overgate Hospice.

Overgate Fundraising Manager Laura Golding said: “It is always fantastic when our supporters go that extra mile and do something so creative for their local hospice.

“We would like to extend a massive thank you to Thomas, Rose and Michael at Transline Group for all of their hard work.”