Speed limit set to be cut on ‘dangerous’ Elland Road

Speed and parking restrictions in Elland Wood Bottom and Park Road, Elland.
Speed and parking restrictions in Elland Wood Bottom and Park Road, Elland.

Campaigners and residents who have been demanding a reduction in the speed limit and safety measures on Elland Road could finally get their wish.

Plans are being put forward by Calderdale Council to reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph along the busy Brighouse highway.

Proposals also include introducing parking restrictions as motorists head into Park Road.

The proposals have been welcomed by Councillor Howard Blagbrough (Conservative) and his fellow Brighouse ward councillors who have campaigned for years to see action taken.

“We have raised our concerns to the council for some time now. This change makes perfect sense.

“I think it is great news and I am sure residents will agree.

“Reducing the speed can only help with cutting the number of accidents as it is a very dangerous road.

“What we will have to do is monitor the situation if the speed limit is reduced and maybe introduce a flashing speed limit sign.”

The traffic review around the Elland to Brighouse corridor conducted by the council identified that the current situation requires improvements.

It is proposed to extend the 30mph limit at the western (Elland) end of the road eastwards by 50 metres.

At the moment, the changeover point between the 30 and 50mph sections is immediately on the bend.

Officers say that extending the 30mph limit by 50 metres will mean that the change-over point is more visible and drivers will be encouraged to slow down before the bend rather than actually on it.

It is also being proposed to introduce day-time parking restrictions to manage parked vehicles.

Residents have until August 4 to submit their views over the proposals.

For more details on the highway proposals and to comment on them, visit www.calderdale.gov.uk.