An end to this misery? Could bypass plans be moved forward?

Traffic in Huddersfield Road, Brighouse
Traffic in Huddersfield Road, Brighouse

Proposals for the new bypass around Brighouse town centre and work on a new M62 junction 24a could be brought forward.

The proposals are part of a £150 million scheme put together by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority with the aim of easing congestion for commuters, as well as unlocking business potential in Calderdale and throughout the county.

The Brighouse improvements are currently not in the early part of the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund schedule. However, they could be brought forward due to the positive impact they will have on the local transport network.

Coun Barry Collins, deputy leader of the Calderdale Labour group and member of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee, said there was the possibility of the Brighouse schemes being brought forward.

He explained that even though the plans are not in “early win” schemes they are key to help benefit Calderdale and the region.

“The M62 junction is a major aspiration for the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund as is the strategic work at Cooper Bridge as they will both have key benefits for both Kirklees and Calderdale.

“The Brighouse bypass was not initially in the ‘early win’ schemes but it might be moved now because of the impact it would have in terms of connectivity and reduction in congestion between Huddersfield and Bradford.

“So there is a possibility that this scheme might be brought forward in the West Yorkshire Transport Fund Schedule.” Coun Collins also added that if the plans are brought forward for the bypass, then a consultation can begin a lot sooner about the actual plan of bypass and the route it will take.

Brighouse figures prominently in the new schemes with improvements suggested along the A641 Bradford to Huddersfield corridor.

The proposal is for a new bypass around Brighouse to the east and south of the town with road space reallocation within the existing highway boundary to provide lanes for priority vehicles.

The aim will be to improve access to the M62 and Cooper Bridge, and tackle significant congestion in the area.