Town council for £39 a year

Jason Costello of the Forget Me Not Trust and Rotary Club of Elland President David pipe
Jason Costello of the Forget Me Not Trust and Rotary Club of Elland President David pipe

HAVING a town council in Brighouse would add just over £3 per month to a council bill.

But the benefits could be huge for the town according to chair of United Brighouse, Jason Costello, providing they have the right person as town clerk.

Members of United Brighouse have been looking into the possibility of having the extra layer of government in a bid to solve some of the issues in Brighouse.

The town council could apply for extra grants which means they could look at improving the skate park at Wellholme Park, Brighouse, as just one example.

They have based their proposal on Hebden Royd Council who spend £80,000 on staffing costs but in just 12 months they raised £180,000 in grants and saved some of the town’s assets such as the town hall.

“We will start with just Brighouse for now but if other areas wanted to join then they can be added later,” said Mr Costello. “A town council would build on the great work already carried out by Brighouse Business Initiative. We are also trying to find money to improve the skate park so with a town council we could do that easily.

“We can also look at the little things that annoy people and bring back common sense. We will be pro active rather reactive.

“We want to know what people think especially the negatives so we can address them. Who knows with a town council we could even find enough grants to fund an extra police officer. It can be just about anything that we can help with and it is up to the town council how much they take responsibility for from Calderdale Council.

“We have already shown what community spirit there is in Brighouse so we need to build on that.”

Members would like to know should Brighouse have a town council in order to promote economic development and have more autonomy? Bearing the extra £3 in mind a month, should it have a town council? If a town council was passed should it be apolitical? Let us know your views at