‘Time to build lasting legacy’

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THE creation of a brighter future and a lasting legacy in Rastrick are the twin aims of the Big Local project.

A meeting was held at the technology centre at Rastrick High school to discuss the project and how it will go about using the £1 million Lottery windfall the community received in February.

Tony Mullin, who will be the Big Local Rep for Rastrick said: “What makes Big Local different from countless other regeneration programmes is the residents are truly in the driving seat.

“Whilst the support of agencies, such as the council, will be vital in making this a success, it will be the residents who make the final decision on how the money is spent.

“It’s my job to support the process of getting the local partnership up and running, getting all sectors of the community engaged, creating a vision for the area and eventually an action plan based on that vision.

“As for what the money can be spent on, again, that is up to the residents. The first stage is to carry out a really comprehensive engagement process, reaching all sectors of the community, to find out what the issues are and decide on some priorities.”

How, why and where the money is spent is in the hands of the residents.

They must decide how decisions are made whether it is to set up a committee of residents and representatives from community groups and for them to vote on where the money goes or possibly residents becoming a partnership member of Big Local Rastrick and for everyone to have a say.

The only real condition is that there must be a clear link between the feedback from the consultation and the way the money is spent.

Residents were also encouraged to explore more sustainable ways of using the cash like giving loans to social enterprises which could generate returns to be reinvested in the community.

Residents who get involved in managing the programme will benefit from visits to other Big Local Programmes, or to other resident led regeneration partnerships in other areas. There will also be training and learning opportunities for resident volunteers, helping them deliver a great Big Local programme.

Another introductory meeting has been organised for any residents or groups to attend at Carr Green Primary School on Monday, April 30, at 6pm.

The meeting will start at 6.30pm prompt.