Thought of the Week: New Year, new life? Here’s how to start

Ronnie Grandage
Ronnie Grandage

A New Year – a new life. Wouldn’t some people just love it?

Is your life not as good as it could be? Join the club, writes Ronnie Grandage.

“Oh dear. Where did I go wrong? Why is this happening to me?” you might be thinking.

I hope you’re not thinking like that. But life can be better this year.

“Are you tired and worn out?” said Jesus.

“Come away with me and you’ll recover your life. Stick with me and do things my way and you’ll learn to live freely and without worrying.”

If you really take Him into your life, things can be so different - starting today.

You can find forgiveness through Him. You can find inner peace through Him. You can find hope through Him.

With Him you can see things through different eyes.

Don’t know how to start? Why not on your knees?

And then? You must know someone who can help you find out more about life with Jesus. Just ask.