Thought of the Week: Looking ahead to the birth of Jesus

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Our business community has really shaken Brighouse into new life with the special events it has initiated: regular film shows in the Civic Hall, the 40s weekend, the ‘Totally Locally’ markets and the Victorian Christmas Festival last weekend.

These are great opportunities to lighten our purses. They are also wonderful examples of how people working together can make a lovely experience for everyone.

Last weekend you may have seen wise men on camels, following a star to Bethlehem, or maybe you heard carols being relayed over the town, reminding us of the real significance of the season.

Advent has just begun – the first season of the Christian calendar - a season of light at this dark and often miserable time of year.

Advent means ‘Coming’. It’s a time of preparation when we look forward to celebrating in churches and schools the birth of Jesus Christ, often with Advent wreaths, counting up the weeks until Christmas Day with lighted candles, each one reminding us of significant people in the long story of our faith, until at last on Christmas Day, they will all be alight as we celebrate the birth of God’s Son, the Light of the World.

Rev Louise Armitage

Retired Baptist Minister, Rastrick