Thought of the Week: Let’s all work for unity and equality

Canon Michael Storey
Canon Michael Storey

Today is Ascension Day; at one time a Public Holiday, when the United Kingdom of Great Britain was a Christian country. Nowadays it is just like any other day for the vast majority of the people of the UK, writes Canon Michael Storey.

It was the day when the early Christians were last in the presence of Jesus.

On that day, forty days after Easter, the bible tells us that Jesus left this earth. Artists have had fun trying to paint this very spiritual occasion.

His last speech was to tell the disciples to take his teaching to all parts of the world - a sign that all people are equal.

The General Election produced a very surprising result - nearly as surprising as the feelings of the disciples on Ascension Day.

Just as Jesus appealed to them to treat all people equally, our Prime Minister has spoken, very well, of attempting to make the UK one nation.

May we all be encouraged to work for unity and treat each other equally.