Thought of the Week: Jesus is coming, ready or not

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I wonder do you remember playing the game “hide and seek”?

When I was young and when children were still allowed to play out at night we used to play it along the road that went behind the row of terraced houses where we lived.

At one side of the street there were the houses and at the other there were rows of out-houses for coal and the outside toilets. It made a great place to hide.

The street lights down the side of the road were the places that whoever was “on” had to stand and slowly count one, two, three to 10 and then they would shout “Coming, ready or not”.

I remember the game because at this time of year at the beginning of the Advent season there is an echo of that “Coming, ready or not” in the air.

I know Christ’s coming is not in doubt. But what about us? Are we ready or not? Are we ready once again to welcome the new born Christ?

Archbishop Rowan Williams once said on Pause for Thought “Have a Messy Christmas”. I suppose that goes against what many of us try to do and by that I mean being organised.

But just think about the first Christmas. Jesus was born in some chaos. A surprise pregnancy. An unexpected journey. No accommodation when they arrived.

So don’t worry if everything is not sorted, but do remember that Jesus is coming, “Ready or not”.

Rev Stephen Hannam