Thought of the Week: As days lengthen it’s time for a sort out

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Following on from the beauty of the magnolia tree helping us to anticipate the celebration of the Day of Jesus’ Resurrection, I find the garden offers more inspiration.

This last couple of days have seen the first cut of the back lawn at home. The temptation was to cut it immediately down to the “perfect” height, get it sorted; but the right thing to do was to only take a little off the top. And then in a few days I shall take the lawnmower down another level and so on until I reach something that resembles my “perfect” lawn.

So much of our lives can feel a little (or a lot) in need of attention. The days lengthen, the sun shines and we feel a little more like sorting things out. Each of us has some overgrown, mossy looking or no longer growing stuff to trim out of our life.

When it comes to a big clear up in our lives the temptation is to go straight for the “completely sorted” outcome; remove everything all in one go. I find that this rarely actually works and I often feel either too vulnerable or scared to really go through with tidying my life up.

It might be more helpful to take an approach that looks a little more like slowly bringing the lawn back to its full glory a piece at a time, whether it’s a search for faith, an answering the nagging questions or doubts, or our dealing with the death of a loved one, to name but three things.

I hope these next few days find you able to start to bring things back under control, into order or into sight.