These signs are driving us mad

Many drivers do not understand the restrictions imposed by clearway signs in Bradford Road, Brighouse
Many drivers do not understand the restrictions imposed by clearway signs in Bradford Road, Brighouse

A BRIGHOUSE worker has accused Calderdale Council of entrapment for using “redundant, wrongly placed signs for fining unwitting motorists”.

Terry Armitage was given a fine for parking outside Armitage Sykes solicitors which is in a keep clear section while he was working in the area. “Paying the fine is not the issue, but the crass stupidity of the situation,” he said.

“The part of Bradford Road in question was a clearway and the sign dates from that period. But with the building of the new road, this part of Bradford Road is now a minor side street. It is not a clearway.

“The sign should have been moved to the junction with the new road to warn there is a clearway ahead,” he said.

“As an example, the clearway sign on the next side street, Water Street, is three to four metres from the junction. The sign on Bradford Road is 25 to 30 metres from the junction.

“Between the sign and the junction with the new road there is parking space for three cars. The road is wide and no obstruction is caused whatsoever.”

Since October Mr Armitage has seen no tickets being issued and assumed that common sense had prevailed.

“I believe therefore, that what the council is doing amounts to little more than entrapment, in that they are using redundant wrongly placed signage and no other reason, as a basis for fining unwitting motorists,” he said.

“So we have three perfectly good parking spaces, no yellow lines, no “no parking” signs, a clearway sign not on a clearway, and a council quite happy to entrap unsuspecting motorists, presumably for the money.”

The Brighouse Echo revealed in June 2011 that 181 motorists were fined for parking in the keep clear section in 12 months.

And that motorist Mike Battye has successfully won his appeal after putting across his argument that it wasn’t clear parking restrictions were in force.

A council spokesman said that the signs were still required and are lawful.

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