The secret of the shop closure...

Closed down, The Secret Wardrobe, Commercial Street, Brighouse
Closed down, The Secret Wardrobe, Commercial Street, Brighouse

Mystery surrounds the closure of a clothes shop in Brighouse, leaving customers’ belongings inside with no access to them.

The Secret Wardrobe on Commercial Street had reopened in July 2012 after a fire damaged the property earlier in the year.

However, since last October half term, the boutique has been closed with a notice on the door and mail building up behind it. Customers would take their belongings to the shop and receive a percentage of the sale once their item of clothing was sold. If it did not sell beyond a certain date, customers could return and take their belongings back.

One of the customers affected was Gwen Fieldhouse from Wibsey, Bradford, who went down to the shop to retrieve her belongings which were due to be taken back on October 30.

“It’s not about money, it is just about the principle.

“I have been trying to ring the shop and mobile number for the owner Tracy Sutcliffe and left messages but I haven’t had a reply.

“I have also been in touch with my local MP and Calderdale Council to find the landlords but I just seem to be going round in circles.”

The clothes shop was forced to close for six 
months when a fire broke out in January. They did reopen with a ‘fire sale’ and said they would be raising funds for the Overgate Hospice in the process but the charity says it has not yet received the money raised from the event.

Tracey Broadbent from the charity said: “At Overgate Hospice we rely heavily on the generosity and kindness of the Calderdale community to help raise the £2.5 million needed each year.

“We have many supporters who raise funds by organising various fund raising events; we support these fund raisers to raise as much money as possible.

“We can confirm there was an event organised by The Secret Wardrobe in aid of the Hospice and as yet we have not received any donations.”

Despite efforts to contact the owner at the sister store Minnies in Lindley they were unavailable for comment.