Takeaway refused late night licence

Brighouse Spice, Half House Lane, Hove Edge.
Brighouse Spice, Half House Lane, Hove Edge.

Councillors have refused a late night refreshment licence for a Brighouse takeaway after concerns from residents and a ward councillor.

Brighouse Spice on Half House Lane, Brighouse, had applied for a licence to sell refreshments on Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 12.30am.

Owner Mr Kisro said he had purchased the takeaway business six months ago and was told there was already a licence in place to serve food until 12.30am.

Council officers said a late night licence has never been applied for at the premises and Mr Kisro said once he knew this, he closed his shop at the permitted time of 11pm.

However, residents argued that Mr Kisro kept the business open by covering the windows and deliveries were still being made out of the side door. Mr Kisro denied this.

Issues were also raised about cars being damaged, no bins being provided outside the takeaway and the disposal of food waste.

Councillor David Kirton (Con, Hipp/Light) said the takeaway should not be allowed to open past 11pm.

“This take away has been there for many years and over that period of time I have not received any complaints apart from the last six months.”

Chair of the committee Councillor Robert Thornber said: “Having considered all the evidence, members agreed that there were no conditions by the applicant to alleviate the concerns of the residents and interested parties.”