Support is rocketing for crossing to ROKT

SUPPORT to install a pedestrian crossing in Briggate is gaining momentum.

Nearly 400 signatures have been gathered on a petition at ROKT climbing gym in Mill Royd Street, Brighouse, to install a crossing near to Hartley’s bakery.

Since opening nearly a year ago visitors to the climbing gym have been parking in Daisy Street car park and taking their lives into their own hands by trying to cross the busy main road.

Louise Mortimer, deputy sales manager, is leading the petition after they were told by Calderdale Council that a crossing could not be installed. “We run a kids club at the climbing gym and I was approached by one of the mums who said it was extremely dangerous trying to cross the road from Daisy Street car park especially when you have young children.

“After speaking with some of the other parents who all seemed to have the same concerns I decided to start a petition after the council said they wouldn’t put a crossing in. We are just hoping that this way we will be able to generate some interest to get something done,” she said.

“I didn’t get a reason why the crossing couldn’t be done by Calderdale so I don’t know if it was due to funding or not.

“But we have got some great support so far with the petition and especially after our first birthday celebrations the signatures were flying in.

“One parent has said that she lets her daughter walk to Wellholme Park alone now because she is getting older but that she would never let her walk to ROKT because the roads are so dangerous.”

The gym is aiming to get 500 signatures. Once they have gained the target they plan to contact the three ward councillors in the hope that they will support their cause.

“Since we opened more people have been using the car park so Calderdale is generating more income from that so to not even entertain the idea of a crossing is out of line,” she said.

Petitions are available in ROKT and at Hartley’s on the opposite side of the road on the edge of the car park.

Visitors to the climbing wall, which is extremely popular with locals as well as further afield, have to attempt to cross Briggate which is on a blind corner and then try to negotiate Mill Royd Street.

If the business gets its proposal it will mean people will be on the right side of the road to get into ROKT.