Street’s crowning glory

RESIDENTS of Crown Street, Brighouse, enjoyed a ‘good old knees-up’ at a traditional street party as part of their celebrations for the royal wedding last Friday.

Around 60 residents emerged from their homes shortly after the service had finished and within 20 minutes they were ready to party at Lane Head Recreation ground where they enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games.

The street party was organised by Donna Turner who came up with the idea after chatting with neighbours four weeks ago. “Myself and Christine Grange were sitting outside our houses and we were saying how nice it was when we had the party for Olga Cunningham’s 80th birthday and why don’t we do it again as a wedding party,” she said.

“We sent the children round all the neighbours knocking on their doors to see how they would feel about the idea. We then started a list of what we needed and everyone has contributed.”

Donna said it was nice to see the whole community out celebrating which was rare nowadays.

“We all watched the ceremony and when it finished we came outd from our houses with chairs and food ready for the party. Everyone has made something and we have had a ‘make a crown’ competition and egg and spoon race,” she said,

And although it was a lot of hard work to organise Donna said it had all paid off in the end.

“We were all talking about the wedding service when we came out and everyone said they had cried - even the ones you wouldn’t expect,” she said.

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