Store car park row is settled

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A DISPUTE over the use of a car park which has affected customers at a Brighouse town centre store has been settled.

New parking regulatons brought in at the M&Co car park on King Street over a month ago, had caught out shoppers who were getting slapped with £100 fines.

The rule change stated that drivers who leave the site without visiting the store would be given a penalty notice.

However, some angry shoppers claimed that attendants issued tickets immediately if they left the site, even if customers came back later to the clothes shop through the front entrance.

Complaints had also reached Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker about the dispute who stepped in to help withthe matter.

Office manager for Mr Whittaker Chrisitne Beal said: “Mr Whittaker spoke to M&Co’s head office personally last month after concerns had been raised by constituents about the new parking regulations.

“He checked the situation for himself and agreed that the signs were indeed open to interpretation and clearly causing inadvertent breaches, and that the policy also appeared to be being inconsistently and unfairly policed.

“By the end of the conversation with them, he was told that they would review the policy and consider making the car park a straight forward two-hour stay, which we understand has now happened.

“As yet, we don’t know what will happen in the case of previous fines.”

The relaxed parking regulations have been brought into force with signs clearly stating the new rules.

The car park has now been renamed the Lawson Road Car Park and will now limit parking to two hours for everyone, not just M&Co customers.

There is a no return stipulation within two hours and parking over the specified time limit will result in a fine.

A spokesperson for the head office for M&Co said about the new regulations being put in place last week: “There have been no fines in the last week – and we have tried to assist M&Co customers the best we can, however ultimately we have no control over the car park or UKCPS.”

Parking firm UKCPS, were originally brought in by the landlords, who own the site and not the M&Co store who lease the property, as some people were abusing the parking allocations time and rules.

The same company is still in charge of monitoring the car park.