Stop the speeders

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Action has been demanded to tackle speeding motorists along one of the busiest roads in Brighouse after vehicles were clocked at an average of 38mph.

Calderdale Council’s mobile speed gun visited Elland Road by the residential area of Grove Terrace to conduct speed checks with Calderdale Valley Police.

The results found that the 85th percentile speed of vehicles travelling from Brighouse was 35mph and travelling from Elland it was even higher at 38mph. A total of 552 cars were measured between 10am and 11am on August 5 with the highest speed clocked at 49mph in the 30mph zone.

The 85th percentile is a standard measure used by the highway authority and the police in connection with assessment of speeds along a road. It is the speed at or below which 85 per cent of the motorists drive on a given road.

For example: if within a 30mph area is measured at 41mph, this would indicate that 85 per cent of traffic is travelling at 41mph or less. It would also indicate that the remaining 15 per cent of vehicles are travelling at speeds greater than 41mph. Safety campaigners are now demanding action.

Ann Rutherford, of Brighouse Road Safety Committee, said: “This road is frightening.

“It desperately needs looking at. Drivers have no chance to slow down between 50mph and 30mph. There are even more cyclists on the road than ever now, especially along Elland Road. There is an accident waiting to happen.”

Councillor Scott Benton (Brighouse, Con) said that speed at which vehicles are travelling is particularly dangerous outside the residential area, the restaurant and by Brookfoot industrial estate.

“We’ve had a number of near misses on different parts of Elland Road over the last few months and I’m working with the police and the council to ensure that the speed of vehicles on this road is monitored. We’ve had a great deal of success in lowering the speed at which vehicles are travelling on Halifax Road through regular deployment of the mobile speed gun there and so I’m hoping that we can have similar success on Elland Road through use of the speed gun.

“The results so far have shown that vehicles are consistently speeding on this stretch of road. The fact that the road goes from 50mph to 30mph fairly abruptly contributes to the problem here.”