Steven Bowers’ Thought of the Week - Easter: is it really history?

Steven Bowers, Minister of Cornerstone Church, Brighouse
Steven Bowers, Minister of Cornerstone Church, Brighouse

Craig Evans, an outstanding international scholar of the Bible, has said: “There’s every reason to conclude that the Gospels have fairly and accurately reported the essential elements of Jesus teachings, life, death, and resurrection.

“There is continuity, proximity, verification of certain distinct points with archaeology and the other documents, and then there’s the inner logic. That’s what pulls it altogether.”

The events of Easter unique and amazing but are they true? Did it all really happen? That is a very important question and one worth trying to answer.

If a friend held up two flowers and asked you to say which one was real and which one was artificial, how would you know? You would take each one and have a close look!

Many people look at the Easter story from a distance. Why not take a closer look? If the events of Easter are true, you and I cannot afford to be wrong about them.

Historian Philip Schaff wrote: “The purpose of the historian is not to construct a history from preconceived notions and to adjust it to his own liking, but to reproduce it from the best evidence and to let it speak for itself.”