Stephen takes youngsters on a tour of world cities

Hartshead artist Stephen Waterhouse with his new book
Hartshead artist Stephen Waterhouse with his new book

Artist and illustrator Stephen Waterhouse may have failed his A-level geography exams at school but that hasn’t stopped him writing books that take him - and his readers - around the world.

Stephen’s latest book ‘My Pop-Up City Atlas’ has just hit the book shops and he hopes it will inspire a love of geography in a new generation of globe-trotters.

“There are more than 70 of the world’s most amazing cities in the book, from London to Paris, New York to Tokyo, from the world’s hottest cities to the coldest, the highest to the lowest. It’s a colourful world tour for curious little citizens.”

Stephen, who lives and works in Hartshead, went to Hipperholme Grammar School and considered becoming an architect - until he realised he wasn’t good enough at maths and physics.

“But I’ve always loved buildings and I’m fascinated by the architecture of cities with their skyscrapers, cathedrals, towers and office blocks.”

Stephen said it took about nine months to create the book, in collaboration with writer Jonathan Litton.

“The research was a huge part of the job as the imagery had to look just right. I really enjoyed working on it - and the book that came before ‘My Pop-Up World Atlas’.

“I’m glad to say I’ve been asked to work on a third book in the series but the subject is very secret at the moment!”

Stephen’s ‘My Pop-Up City Atlas’ is published by Templar Books.