Stamp out stunt bikes

THE craze for stunt bikes is an accident waiting to happen, according to safety campaigners.

Members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee say more needs to be done to stop youngsters who are often seen riding the bikes, some of which have no brakes, along busy main roads in the Brighouse area.

Chairwoman Ann Rutherford, said she was very concerned. “Some have no brakes and the riders slow down by putting their feet on the wheel. The danger is obvious.”

“We are not trying to stop youngsters from having fun but they should not be on the road. They are very dangerous and an accident is just waiting to happen.”

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said parents also needed to take responsibility. “The bikes should be renamed suicide bikes. I have seen them going down the road with the soles of their feet on fire. The rubber on their trainers won’t slow them down. Parents have to take responsibility. If youngsters are taking the bikes on to the track at Wellholme Park, for instance, their parents should take them.

“Mixing with traffic and other road users is not a good idea and we don’t want to be sitting her at the next meeting talking about a fatality of a child on a stunt bike.

“It has a purpose but has to be in the right place and the roads around Brighouse and Rastrick are not that place. In a safe and controlled environment is where stunt bikes should be.”

PC Dan Watson, of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, suggested that a police community support officer (PCSO) could speak to some of the youngsters at Wellholme Park and give out advice, highlighting the serious consequences of riding on the road.

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said schools were taking an active role in highlighting the dangers of stunt bikes through the use of video.