Speeding ‘a major concern’

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CALLS for action have followed the release of speed test results along a narrow country lane indicated a serious problem.

The speed indication checks carried out by Calderdale Council have identified a huge issue with speeding along Syke Lane. The data carried out on January 6 between 8.15am and 9.30am recorded the average speed of motorists travelling towards Hipperholme was 31mph but the maximum speed was 43mph.

The 85th percentile which is a standard measure used by the Highway Authority and the police in connection with assessment of speeds along a road flagged up the area as being a major concern and of high probability of enforcement action by the police.

In the opposite direction towards Northedge Lane the average speed was 28mph and the maximum speed was recorded at 37mph in a 30mph speed limit zone. The tests were carried out following concerns by a number of residents regarding the speed of traffic using Syke Lane.

Councillor Graham Hall (Con, Hipp/Light) who requested the tests said the results indicate that at times motorists are exceeding the speed limit and potentially are causing a safety hazard for those living on Syke Lane and senior citizens at Flowerlands.

“Highway safety and pedestrian safety is of paramount importance on all roads, especially areas such as Syke Lane which unfortunately has a high number of car usage accessing other areas. Local residents who use the road to access country walks and for horse riders in the area, driving with due consideration and keeping within speed limits is essential,” he said.

Councillor Hall is working with the local authority and the police to ensure road safety in the area to the benefit of all residents and will continue to do so until the situation is satisfactorily resolved.