Speed humps don’t work!

Speed humps which have been put in Victoria Road, Bailiff Bridge, which are inadequate
Speed humps which have been put in Victoria Road, Bailiff Bridge, which are inadequate

RESIDENTS have got the hump over a new road safety measure which has been installed near to their homes.

People living close to Victoria RoadBailiff Bridge have complained to their ward councillors over the newly fitted speed cushions which, according to residents, are ineffective.

The cushions are so wide apart that rather than them helping to slow down vehicles, they are steering them into the middle of the road which is creating an even bigger danger.

The bumps were put along the road in October as part of a building conditions agreed between Barratt Homes and Calderdale Council.

Resident Lisa Norton-Howells said she was disappointed with what had been provided. “The speed cushions are too far apart and allow vehicles to travel between them without the need to slow, especially as most traffic down the road is double parked,” she said. “The speed cushions are totally ineffective. The ones at the top of Victoria Road are much more effective, although they are still not great.”

Chairman of Bailiff Bridge Residents’ Association Malcolm Silkstone said there had been some concern over the speed of traffic along the road for some time. “The speed humps have gone in but the residents don’t feel they are satisfactory. They bumps are at each side so people are driving up the middle so they don’t have to go over the bumps. So therefore they don’t do the job they are supposed too.”

Councillors Graham Hall and David Kirton have reported the comments to the Council.

Councillor Hall said a lot of it came down to educating drivers about their behaviour. “I think what we are going to have to do is see how the situation gets on. If after a few months they are still causing a problem then the council may have to come up with a better solution.”