‘Slap on a lower speed limit’

A ROAD safety watchdog has pledged to continue its fight to slow down speeding motoristsm on Ludenscheid Link.

Members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee want to install measures which tells motorists travelling along the dual carriageway that the speed limit is only 30mph.

But the committee has been told that to install repeater signs would be against the law.

Vice-chair Pat Oates said a large number of people thought the limit was 40mph. “It is legal to paint a 30 in the road because they have done it at Toothill Bank and that is well into the 30 zone. If it is legal there why is it not legal to do it on the link?”

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said he had asked several times for this issue to be brought up and officers have had a look at it.

“There are no accident figures to support the claim that it is a danger and it is not in a residential area. Because it is a dual carriageway it is not seen as a priority at the moment.

“It costs about £5,000 to put down the kind of road markings we are looking at here. It is also necessary to apply for apply for a traffic order.

“It is still being looked at it hasn’t been excluded but it hasn’t been included as yet in any road safety improvement plans.”

Mrs Oates said she was also concerned about the hazards posed by cars joining the by-pass from Church Lane.

Councillor Stout said: “We know the problems and the number of close calls but until we get statistics to prove there is a problem on the road nothing will be done.”

Councillor David Kirton (Con, Hipperholme/Lightcliffe) said he understood people’s concerns but there were other priorities.

n ACTION could be taken to cut the speed of motorist travelling along Bramley Lane, Lightcliffe.

Councillor Kirton told members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee that councillors were waiting for test results before deciding upon a couerse of action.

Residents are concerned about the speed of traffic travelling along the road which is often used as a rat run to avoid Hipperholme crossroads.

“We are just waiting for the results now to see if there is an issue then we will be pursuing that with Calderdale Council and consulting with local residents to see what we can come up with to reduce the problem,” he said.