Sky’s no limit for daredevil Noel

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A former Brighouse businessman is showing that the sky is no limit after completing the second of his three daring challenges.

Adventure-loving Noel Moroney has come back down to earth after flying a DH Tiger Moth bi-plane.

The pensioner, of Ivy Terrace, is determined to tackle three daunting deeds by the time he is 80 next year.

Initially he planned take gliding lessons but decided against it and instead take on the challenge of a bi-plane.

“I was going to do the ‘glider training’ but it sounded quite tame - so I saw this advertising and decided I would do this instead.

“That was six months ago but I never told my family.

“The particular aircraft in which I was trained was 75 years old, being built in 1939 and saw service with the RAF during the second world war flying out of Ellesmere Port on the Wirral in Cheshire.

“It was used exclusively to patrol the section of the Irish sea between Liverpool and Dublin searching for German U boats.”

The De Havilland Tiger Moth is made out of timber, usually Spruce, with some plywood panels and a section behind the pilot which is filled with balsa wood.

There are metal bracing struts in the cockpit area. The timber frame is then covered with a fine Irish Linen Cloth has been stretched over the body and wings and “dope” applied to colour and tighten the fabric skin.

“Strangely enough there is no forward vision for either the pilot or the passenger as the instrument panel and the windshield are above eye level, so the only way to view outside is to keep glancing left and right,” said Mr Moroney.

“Whilst flying of course all you needed to do was dip the front of the aircraft slightly to enable you to see into the forward distance.

“It was a very satisfactory day out and yet another item removed from the bucket list.”

To mark his 78th birthday he completed a microflight trip.

Noel, who worked in the textile trade for more than 50 years, was in the Royal Air Force as part of his National Service in the 1950s and took up skiing at the age of 50.

As well as taking on the daring challenges, he is also raising money for the Forget-Me-Not Children’s Hospice.

Next year when he is 80 he will tackle a wing walk on top of a bi-plane and may have something else up his sleeve.

“I travelled down to Portsmouth and took the opportunity of visiting their attraction which is The Spinnaker Tower,” he said.

“This is 550 feet high, which is 22ft higher than Blackpool Tower.

“During my visit I discovered that earlier this year a lady who had reached the age of 100 actually abseiled down the tower - so perhaps when I have completed my wing walk next year I might consider repeating this exercise.”