Sky dive tribute helps hospice

Emma Oldroyd and Sean Suttle did a skydive for Overgate Hospice
Emma Oldroyd and Sean Suttle did a skydive for Overgate Hospice

THE brother of Rastrick woman, Michelle Suttle, has plummeted 15,000ft through the air in her memory.

Sean Suttle and his girlfriend Emma Oldroyd took part in the jump to help raise money for Overgate Hospice, Elland.

Twenty-five-year-old Sean leapt in memory of Michelle, also known as Shelly to her friends, who was murdered by her boyfriend last year.

Emma did the jump in Lancaster in memory of her friend Connie Slater, who died aged 98.

She said: “We wanted to do a skydive so we found it the perfect opportunity to raise money for Overgate.

“Sean’s sister sadly lost her life not so long ago so he jumped in her memory and I recently lost a lady that I used to care for, who I was very close to. She was like a grandma to me.

“We decided with this in mind to do the jump in their memory and spared a thought for them as we chucked ourselves out of a plane from 15,000ft.

“The skydive was amazing, such a brilliant feeling and we both loved it. It is a memory that will stay with us forever and we are glad that we shared the experience with each other.”

She added: “We chose Overgate because it’s local to us and it is an important charity in our hearts and to friends and family around us.

“I want to thank everybody for sponsoring us. It’s absolutely brilliant the amount we’ve raised. I would also like to thank the Elland company Waddington and Ledger for sponsoring us a great deal. It is very much appreciated.”

The couple have raised more than £700 for the hospice.