Silos set for new heights

Leigh Topping and Euan Noble, directors of the Rokt Climbing Gym, with plans for the Sugden's Silos
Leigh Topping and Euan Noble, directors of the Rokt Climbing Gym, with plans for the Sugden's Silos

AN ICONIC Brighouse landmark could be set for a dramatic transformation and become part of the climbing revolution.

Plans have been unveiled for the two giant Sugden Silo’s to become part of the Rokt Climbing Gym, based on Mill Royd Street.

Leigh Topping, co-director from Rokt, said that the silos, along with the former Brighouse swimming pool and the mortuary, had been given the opportunity to use them by owner Bill Ibberson to help redevelop the area.

“We want to bring the silos back into use and to help put Brighouse on the map not only nationally but internationally.

“We are ready to put our energy into them and the main aim will be to help regenerate the area.”

The first stage would be to create an outside climbing wall on the hexagonal silos with people able to view Brighouse from the top.

There are also plans for a rope bridge at 30 metres between the two silos at the top and a glass sided bridge for people to walk across. Inside the hexagonal silo designers aim to create a 30.5 metre lead wall which would give us the biggest in Britain.

In the left silo a huge bouldering cave is planned between the ten silos making it the biggest caving system in the country.

Other ideas include incorporating a roof top cafe and a zip wire down to the canal and the possibility of a bungee jump area.

Plans are also being made to incorporate the former Brighouse swimming pool and the mortuary.

One of the ideas being put forward by the Rokt team is to convert the pool into a skate and BMX park a boxing and mixed martial arts gym in the mortuary.

Alternatively the pool could be turned into a junior climbing centre for younger children and filling the pool with foam blocks for kids to climb up and through.

Subject to all the plans being accepted and getting everything sorted we can be ready to start the work on the silos in the new year.

Since taking over the Old Sugden’s Flour Mill 19 months ago, the Rokt climbing gym has seen their membership break the 13,500 mark and, on average, 100 new members signing up every week.

Euan Noble, co-director said the aim has always been engaging with people and creating a community.

“It has been amazing the support we have been given by Bill and the opportunity he gave us.

“We had no idea it would grow this big. We want to bring different people into the community and into Brighouse.

“This is great chance to create an adrenalin gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.”